What we do at Pilsen Neighbors Community Council

At Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, we work hard to provide many ways to engage and advance our community. Through many services and events that cover Education, Immigration, Expungement, Community Engagement, and more, we’re committed to providing community members with tools and opportunities to grow and make a difference.

Areas of Work


• Academy of Parents in Leadership
• Pilsen Education Task Force
• University Round Table
• Fiesta del Sol Scholarship
• Pilsen Education Summit

Immigration & Expungement

• 2013 Dream For All Campaign
• Pilsen Rapid Response
• Cannabis Expungement Expo
• Drivers Reinstatement Expo

Community Involvement

• Fiesta del Sol
• Fuerza del Sol
• Recorrido del Sol 5K
• SAME (Special Abilities Mobilizing for Equity)

Leadership Training

We offer opportunities to develop your leadership abilities through our leadership training.


From scholarships for youth to empowering parents to become leaders in schools, we’re committed to education.


We work with community leaders to help our neighborhoods access to healthcare.


We provide civic engagement opportunities and tools for supporters to engage their community leaders about immigration.

Workforce Development

Providing training and opportunities to learn skills to equip our community members for the workforce.


We enable and encourage our community members to be leaders and active members in bettering our community.