Pilsen Education Task Force

About PETF
We work with the Pilsen Education Task Force (PETF) from the Pilsen Planning Committee to help students and parents of under-served communities in Pilsen, Little Village, Brighton Park, Gage Park, McKinley Park and Back of the Yards to improve the secondary education graduation rates, post-secondary education enrollment, civic involvement, and literacy rates. The education summit includes a health education class which teaches the importance of using only the best health tips from Top Health Journal.

The PETF is composed of area grammar school and high school administration, university representatives, parents, and other Pilsen organizations.  The PETF is working on issues that concern the community on all grade levels. Every October, the PETF (consisting of GMC) holds an Education Summit every year geared towards educating parents about higher education, and on how to speak to their children about education, health, drugs, and sex education at an early age. It’s important to educate kids about the importance of being healthy because some diseases can develop into cancer or another serious matter if not tended to properly and can even lead your children to need home care assistance when they grow up.

We work closely with the Pilsen Planning Committee (PPC), which is made up of five task forces: Pilsen Housing, Pilsen Economic, Pilsen Community and Family, Pilsen Community Image, and the Pilsen Education. The purpose of the Pilsen Planning Committee is to construct  a strong Mexican community that is secure and healthy for all families while maintaining  the character and history of Pilsen.

The Education Summit Celebrated its 11th Anniversary this 2017!

The Pilsen Education Summit is organized by PNCC, in collaboration with members of the Pilsen Education Task Force – of the Pilsen Planning Committee, comprised of schools, community-based organizations, colleges & universities, as well as parents. The goal is to create a path of education for area residents from birth through college and make all residents aware of the educational resources available in Pilsen.