June 25, 2012

United Against Violence: Peace March

The Pilsen community marched and prayed for a peaceful and safe summer on June 25.  There was a message sent out that Pilsen will not allow gang activity and violence to take root in the community. Community residents, neighbors, youth and public officials attended.

Community residents decided they would march when on May 8th 2012, more than one hundred residents met at Dvorak Park to discuss ways of

12th Interim District Commander, Ronald A. Pontecore, Dvorak Park Council, Father Sean O’Sullivan, St. Procopius Church Community, Madres y Padres Por La Paz, Sandy Chavez, State’s Attorney’s Office, 18thStreet Development Corporation and Alderman Daniel Solis.

Photo by Cris Mora

May 5, 2011

Pilsen residents demand bus shelter


MAY 5, 2011

On Thursday May 5, Pilsen Neighbors Community Council held a community meeting in Pilsen to ask CTA and the City of Chicago to re-route and add a new bus stop at Alivio Medical Center. The bus remains at an intersection that is quite dangerous to cross.

Current bus stop: Cermak Rd. and Morgan St.

Re-route: Bus #21, to 21st Street and Morgan St.

Add bus shelter: In front of Alivio Medical Center: 966 W. 21st Street

Back in December 2010, Pilsen residents along with PNCC, held a press conference where Alderman Solis, and Michael Simmons, (Records Secretary) Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) were present. Leaders from Chicago and around the country marched that day to protest the re-route. Residents await a response from the CTA. Read more about our  rally of hundreds from around the nation in December, to demand a the bus reroute.

December 5, 2010

Access to Transit in Chicago’s Pilsen Neighborhood For a Livable Community

On Friday, Dec. 5, a group of Pilsen residents led hundreds of leaders from the Gamaliel Foundation to a march and hold press conference at Casa Maravilla in Pilsen, to ask CTA and the City of Chicago to re-route bus # 21 at Cermak Rd and Morgan Street to Morgan and 21st Street, and add a bus shelter in front of Alivio Medical Center, a vital neighborhood medical center for residents. Although the area had been mainly industrial three decades ago, the bus stop now neighbors, Alivio Medical Center, Casa Maravilla Senior Home, and two residential buildings. The bus remains at an intersection that is quite dangerous (near an expressway), quite a far, and tiring distance for seniors to bear.

“Adequate, well-planned public transportation means healthier individuals and healthier communities,” said Agustin Vega, resident at Casa Maravilla. “At a time of economic crisis, Chicagoans need public transportation more than ever to access health care and healthy food, as well as economic opportunity. Re-routing the No. 21 bus to ease patient access to the Alivio Medical Center would be a big step in the right direction.”

See a video with senior citizens talking about how the current bus location is affecting their lives:

Please stay tuned for the most recent news about this issue.

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