Academy of Parents in Leadership

Parent Leadership Academy

The Parent Leadership Academy (APL) is an initiative of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago. APL aims to provide an answer to the lack of parental involvement in schools and in the community. APL seeks to develop leadership in parents and help them understand the education system and civic engagement so they can advocate for matters that affect them, their children and the community. APL comprises parents represented several schools in the city.

If you are a parent who wants to make a difference in the education of your children, the Academy of Parents in leadership (APL) can help you. As a member you will learn to:

1. Understand other people in your school, church and/or organization;

2. Improve your community by working with people with interests like yours ;

3. Grow as a leader.


Goals of APL to:


Train parents on basic skills and concepts of relationship building, power in the public arena, advocacy for educational issues affecting them and their children.


-Develop a cohort of parent leaders that will be actively involved in the Pilsen Education Task Force Strategies and meetings.  Such issues as early childhood, English Language Learners standardized testing, health and wellness, violence and gang prevention and higher education issues, as well as coordinating and organizing the parents are the component of the Pilsen Education Summit this fall.


-Develop an education issues platform where educators, community organizations, elected officials will hear and address the needs of the parents.


-Coordinate a yearly meeting of the current parent leadership structures/committees of the Local School Councils, No Child Left Behind and Bilingual Education committees of the Public Schools.


Schools in the Pilsen area face limited parent involvement and leadership. Studies have shown that parents involvement is linked to student achievement, satisfactory school attendance and reduced dropout rates. The same studies show that when parents become involved in their children’s school, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. Grades improve, children start modeling their parents, and family communication is strengthened.

The academy emphasizes on developing high levels of parent involvement to address the importance of leadership and to strengthen the Pilsen community as a whole. The project is part of the Education Strategy outlined in the Pilsen Quality of Life Plan.

Training is offered throughout the year. To learn more or participate, please contact Education Organizer, Fernando Rayas at: Please view our Calendar to find upcoming training dates.


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