Our mission

Pilsen Neighbors Community Council’s (PNCC) is a non-profit organization (1954) whose mission is to work to establish policies and practices in the Pilsen and Southwest areas of Chicago to bring about justice and equity by investing in the development of community leaders and pastors through leadership training and action.

  Our work

PNCC is part of an international organization, The Gamaliel Network, made up of grass-roots community organizations throughout the country.  PNCC focuses primarily on community organizing.  A core goal of community organizing is to generate power for an organization representing the community, allowing it to influence key decision-makers on a range of issues. PNCC works on immigration reform, education reform,  work force development and healthcare. We work to develop new local leaders, facilitating coalitions and assisting in the development of campaigns.

In addition, PNCC offers the following


ACT Preparation Program: PNCC offers ACT courses during the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters to help juniors and seniors raise their ACT scores by at least four points.


Guadalupe A. Reyes, Fiesta del Sol Scholarship: The scholarship has celebrated over a decade of awarding scholarships to students all over the city. Fiesta del Sol has given over $700,000 in scholarships to 450 students.  


Legal ClinicThe Legal Clinic opened in January of 2011.  The goal is to assist undocumented immigrants in becoming U.S. Residents and U.S. Citizens. As of August 15, 2012, PNCC will also offer leagal advice to undocumented youth regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process.


Pilsen Education Summit: The Pilsen Education Summit is organized by PNCC in collaboration with members of the Pilsen Education Task Force – of the Pilsen Planning Committee, comprised of schools; community based organizations, colleges and universities, as well as parents. The goal is to create a path of education for area residents from birth through college, and make all residents aware of the educational resources available in Pilsen.


University Round Table: The University Round Table (URT) consists of a strong partnership with colleges and universities in order to bridge the education gap for minority and underrepresented students. The URT helps raise scholarships through the Guadalupe A. Reyes Fiesta del Sol scholarship program and attend our annual college fair at Fiesta del Sol.


  PNCC Victories

Through its efforts, PNCC has been instrumental in bringing new institutions and capital improvements to the neighborhood. These include: The allocation and construction of Benito Juarez Community Academy, Harrison Park Field House, West Side Technical Institute, the allocation of $26 million in city infrastructure funds between 1995-1999, the planning and development of Alivio Medical Center, (serving the Pilsen, Little Village, and Back of the Yards neighborhoods) as well as Eighteenth Street Development Corporation, El Valor, Esperanza School, and a handful of local schools since 1954.


  Fiesta del Sol

Fiesta del Sol festival (1972) is PNCC’s primary fundraising opportunity to underwrite its community organizing and service programming throughout the year. Fiesta del Sol began as a celebration to commemorate PNCC’s role in securing the city’s commitment to building Benito Juarez Leadership Academy. What started off as a block party, has now evolved into the largest Latino Festival in the Midwest.


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