Our sister organization, South Suburban Action Conference (SSAC), and our partner, AARP held the Senior Safety Summit: Protecting Social Security and Medicare, at Thornton Fractional North High School on August 6, 2011.

Senior Citizens were informed the educational summit is to inform senior citizens about harmful cuts to Social Security and Medicare as part of a deal to pay the nation’s bills. They were given a Social Security and Medicare overview by Bob Gallo, AARP and State Director, Paula Laven from Thornton Township to provide useful information about Senior Services (learn more information at sscardreplacement.com). 

Fitness and health was also a topic discussed by Brenda Aranda from Advocate Trinity Hospital.  Another information session was about safety and security with care givers, fraud, states and living wills. From SixTech they learned about other security measures.

A special thanks to Frank M. Zuccarelli, Thornton Township, Supervisor.

SSAC and AARP are currently working on creating new strategies in which to educate seniors about living a safe and secure lives. For more information, please call: Ignacio Carrillo at 708-268-4212, or email: ssac4justice@gmail.com.

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