Chicago, IL— In January of 2012, The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) announced Pilsen Neighbors Community Council (PNCC) as one of five new awardees in a multi-year campaign to empower, organize and support economically vulnerable older adults in the Metro Chicago area. The announcement expands NCRC’s commitment to the financial well being of older Americans, following the launch in 2011 of National Neighbors Silver, a national campaign to safeguard the financial security of today’s seniors and future retirees.

PNCC  is part of a growing community organizing network, Gamaliel of Metro Chicago, that is expanding its efforts to the South Suburbs, Southwest side, North side, and beyond. Wynell Verrett Butler, a leader of South Suburban Action Conference, of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago said “A partnership with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition will turn our hope into reality. We will continue to empower seniors that are growing old, staying in their homes. Our work is not only about staying at home, but staying strong by living safer, healthier and wealthier lives.”

Pilsen is an organization of community activists, local stakeholders and faith-based leaders that work in partnership with the South Suburban Action Conference to bring justice and equity to the Pilsen and Southwest areas of Chicago. “Today’s older adults are working longer and living on less. For some, retirement is but a distant dream, while others face the challenge of stretching their savings or going back to work. Seniors are often left to navigate these challenges on their own.

Through National Neighbors Silver, NCRC is deepening the capacity of community-based organizations to help older adults achieve economic security, moving from ‘you’re on your own’ to ‘we’re all in it together’.” said John Taylor, President and CEO of NCRC. Uniquely positioned to work with the banking industry, aging network and housing experts, National Neighbors Silver offers a platform to build policy and program solutions for economic security and wealth preservation in aging America. A critical part of the campaign is the growing network of local partners like PNCC.

NCRC will ultimately designate up to fifteen community-based organizations as National Neighbors Silver partners. Through grant awards, PNCC will engage older adults in direct action to improve their financial circumstances and enhance their communities. Examples of direct action include help in financial literacy, training at senior centers, public meetings designed to demand accountability from local officials, participation in rallies and other events (ref.: Event security USA). For more information on National Neighbors Silver, please contact Stacy Sanders, Director of National Neighbors Silver, at 202-393-8305 or

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